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Staging to Sell - Quick Tips!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Need to sell and looking for #homestaging tips? You have come to the right place. Time to roll up your sleeves! ...or pay someone else to help...maybe a little of both?

1. Clean. Clean. Clean. Yep, a spotless, deep clean. Put on your pearls and June Cleaver it! (Pets? Be sure to clean bedding and deodorize before each showing.)

2. Declutter. Tuck away those personal items, #tchotchkes and extra pieces of furniture. (Lock away those valuables while you are at it.) You will want to remove excess, but still make it feel like a home vs a hotel room - add a plant and a book to your bedside table.

Filling a space makes it look smaller, which is not a plus for buyers - unfortunately.

3. Fresh Paint. It is time for a neutral palette of paint for each room (warm or cool tones). Need help finding a color? Let me know. On our walk through of your home prior to selling, we will talk through warming the space through the use of fresh flowers/fruit/plants, throws, pillows and select decor.

4. Light! This matters most. Up the wattage on your lights/lamps. Let the light in with sheer curtains.

5. Set the stage. From the curb or driveway, into the home and through each room create vignettes that draw the heartstrings of your home's new owner.

- Mow the lawn. Trim the hedges. Fresh potted plants. New welcome mat and wreath.

- Paint the front door.

- Put logs on the fire. Plug in the air fresheners - think citrus or crisp linen, not flowery. Set the dining room table.

- Place fresh towels in the bathrooms. Make your beds.

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