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Beach Living

Summers bid me - Down de oshun, hon!

(That's Bawlmerese - aka language created in Baltimore - for let's got to OC Maryland!)

Water transfixes. Ocean. Lake. River. Waterfall. These draw my spirit to rediscover the creativity of inspired rest. So whether you head to sea or the mountains for the summer, maybe today, you will join me on a journey to the beach! I've created a #pinterestboard for beach house design. The inspiration for this - Caribbean island vibe, flamingos, sunsets.

Usually I am drawn to the muted colors of sea glass. I decided to take my creative palette on an exploratory journey! Check it out:

Other themes that delight me are sand (shades of white), driftwood (grey tones that frame the outside world and draw them in), blue and white (fine china, sea and sand), seagrass (natural materials created by artisans around the globe), seashells (sea washed whites, pinks, blacks, grey and hints of blue), surf boards (retro and industrial) and an eclectic island vibes (colorful and resourcefully quirky - why not!) Which are yours?

Let's design your beach life getaway.

#amycumminshome #mdinteriordesigner #mdinteriordesign

#marylandinteriordesign #baltimoreinteriordesign #homedecor

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