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NEW ETSY Shop Opens

Welcome to the Etsy Shop opening where you will discover the curated collection - Adventuring Kids! The designs are for DIYers who want an interior designer look + their own expression for a room that their kids will love.

Three room designs have been thoughtfully crafted to provide a timeless, storybook adventure. Born out of childhood memories + experiences with the adventuring kids we meet every day:

IMAGINE = When you look at the clouds, what do you see? This room is for the dreamer, the storyteller, the researcher.

NURTURE = Welcome to my secret garden. Come in and sip some tea with me. This room is dedicated to the entertainer, the communicator, the one who exudes beauty.

BUILD = Cities are for exploring and so is all of life for that matter! This room is for the creator, the architect, the engineer.

Here is a coupon for you and your circle of friends! (It is only available for a limited time - so be sure to use it soon.) Know any new or expecting parents, this is a wonderfully creative gift for them.

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