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1st time buyer? Ace it like a pro!

You can do this! That's the first thing you need to own. :0) After that it is all in the details.

Here are some things to nail down before looking at houses:

1. Save For A Down Payment. 6% is a good rule of thumb per NAR.

2. Clean Up Your Credit. It will determine loan eligibility and your interest rate.

3. Get Paperwork In Order. Start with tax returns, bank statements and proof of income.

4. Get Pre-approved for a #loan. Take the info from #3 and chat with a #lender. They will give you a letter for the amount you are qualified to borrow. I recommend speaking with 2-3 to find your best fit. Ask the the difference between a pre-approval letter and a pre-qualified letter. More is always better! (Need a starting point on finding lenders? Let me know and I will share ideas on where to research.)

5. Bring your wish list and let's meet! As your #realtor, I'll be here to coach you the rest of the way!

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