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Updated Feb 4, 2019

Experts In Real Estate

I'm a REALTOR® with Ramsbury Real Estate focused on the Maryland marketplace. My team specializes in the Residential and boutique commercial office space in DC, Northern VA and Maryland.

Creating Allure & Grace


Home. What does that word mean to you?

How does it make you feel? 

As your interior designer, I will collaborate with you to envision

your creative oasis for the long run or the marketability for resale!

Making Design Matter 


You can always tell when an office space was strategically designed by visiting

it's common areas. Does the space invite you to sit and stay for awhile? Even if you are stopping by for a quick minute?

REal estate

Updated Feb 4, 2019

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Maryland Realtor with

Ramsbury Real Estate

interior design

Updated Feb 4, 2019


This is where it all begins. Your heart. Your home.

But what if you don't know what you want - exactly? Or maybe you have a bunch of ideas and wonder if they really work together? It is time for a sounding board session with me! 

As a RIDQC Certified Interior Designer and a REALTOR®, you will discover that I hear you and together we will create your design oasis! You'll also find that I have a network of resources and alternatives for any budget. Interested in resale? I can coach you on marketplace value and staging.

Schedule a meeting today - I'd love to hear your wishlist!


Office spaces are where we inspire, challenge, goad to greatness, create, analyze, beta test, quantify and qualify our work! Work = create. Every. Day. We create.


Hours of our lives are spent here...why can't it be aesthetically pleasing?!

But you have so much on your daily plate as it is, so call me. We'll brainstorm a design for your office that attunes your everyday with your mission!


Updated Feb 4, 2019


weekly insights & inspiration

Let's find that home, vacation property, investment - flip/rental/AirBnb - perfect for you! 

Real estate is a decision made with the head and the heart...and usually the gut instinct based on market intelligence, cost and risk bandwidth, know how, experience and good bones architecture! More often than not, it is made with the input of family and friends that you trust and know you well.


This is where I come in. I listen. I resource - with marketplace intel, a network of professionals and an expertise in negotiating - so that - you can confidently sell or buy your real estate.


Schedule a meeting today - we'll brainstorm and collaborate on your next investments! 

Design Process 


1) Phone Consultation

You share your design project ideas, budget and timeline.


2) In Person Consultation 

Gather your ideas from your dream boards, photos, magazines. I’ll bring paint swatches and brainstorm ideas with you from a designer’s viewpoint that can be implemented at any price point – whether incrementally or all at once. 


3) Design Packages

Shop With A Designer– bring your cash or credit and let’s find what you need! Great for do-it-yourselfers who need the design eye to pull ideas together.


On Call Design Expertise– starting or already began a project, but need a design coach to keep you from running headlong into avoidable hurdles and hiccups? 


Full Service Design– prefer to have someone else manage the project details from start to finish, so you don’t have to?


Other Options Available Too


Updated Feb 4, 2019

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